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Statement on the Marriage Reform Debate from the board of Pulse 94.1


Statement by the Board of Living Sound Broadcasters Ltd trading as Pulse 94.1 (hereinafter referred to as Pulse 94.1) about the marriage reform debate.

1 Statement on the Marriage Reform Debate

As a Christian organisation, Pulse 94.1 defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.
We acknowledge the plurality of views and beliefs about the definition of marriage. We respect those with different beliefs to our own, and uphold their right to speak and act in accordance with those beliefs.
In line with the universal human right of freedom of religious expression, and as a broadcaster licensed to serve the Christian community, we regard our particular role as being to inform listeners (about this and other issues) from a Christian perspective, having regard to the intersection between theology, historical church practice and culture.
Accordingly our coverage will engage in and promote discussion that is informative, fair, educative, and not inflammatory;
will be respectful of all persons and not promote hate speech, ridicule or other forms of vilification;
will encourage Christians to take part in community discussions in a like manner, and to vote in accordance with their conscience.
In providing content on this issue our aim is to be informative rather than coercive. While our statement of faith regarding marriage is clear, our role as a broadcaster is to inform rather than advocate.
In this regard we will not be taking advertising of a political nature in relation to the anticipated postal vote (pending the High Court ruling),
clearly state relevant affiliations of interview guests,
ensure commentary is clearly identified as such, and seek to cover Christian perspectives on the marriage issue in a fair and balanced way.

2 Background to the statement

Pulse 94.1 is a Christian NFP community broadcaster and media organisation.

Pulse 94.1 is proudly supported by:

Pulse 94.1 is licensed specifically to provide specialised programming for and by the Christian community of interest in the licence area Wollongong RA2 (Wollongong/Nowra).

Pulse 94.1 operates under the Living Sound Broadcasters Ltd Constitution, including a Statement of Faith.

As a licensed community broadcaster Pulse 94.1 complies with the Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice.

Pulse 94.1 is a member of Christian Media and Arts Australian (CMAA) and embraces the CMAA diversity statement.

2.1 Support for conventional marriage

Pulse 94.1 unanimously affirms that Biblical marriage is a holy relationship ordained by God and is the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life.

Consequently Pulse 94.1 supports the current definition of marriage and does not support a change to the present law.

2.2 Serving our community of interest

Pulse 94.1 serves the Christian community of the licence area Wollongong RA2 (Wollongong/Nowra). by providing programming specific to its needs and interests. This includes discussion of a wide range of topics from a Christian faith-based perspective in a manner and at a depth not generally provided by other media.

2.3 Fair and balanced coverage to inform Christians

In the present debate about marriage reform, while upholding the traditional Biblical view of marriage consistent with our Statement of Faith, Pulse 94.1 will seek to provide a fair coverage of the range of views on the marriage issue, especially as they relate to the need for Christians to be well informed while considering their faith response to this legislative and culture issue.

2.4 Respect for diversity and freedom of religious expression

Pulse 94.1 upholds the importance of diversity in the Australian community. As a Christian community broadcaster, and part of the broader community broadcasting sector, we embrace the diversity policy of Christian Media and Arts Australia (CMAA), which includes the following:

It follows from CMAA’s establishing principles that, as a Christian organisation, we believe that all people are created in the image of God and therefore are to be respected, dignified and honoured as image-bearers of God.

CMAA is committed to following the example and teachings of Jesus who specifically reached out to people across boundaries of religion, race, culture, disability, moral norms, economic circumstance and other types of difference.

CMAA is committed to likewise treating all people with respect and dignity, and moreover to working for beneficial outcomes for all.

The Policy, which informs Pulse 94.1’s approach, recognises that our pluralistic democracy is well served when faith-based broadcasters (and like organisations) responsibly participate in public discourse, exercising the right to religious expression, within the rule of law.

On behalf of the Board,

Aaron Wright
Station Manager – Pulse 94.1