Home News Hope amidst the Pandemic: Youth for Christ reaches Hundreds of Thousands Online

Hope amidst the Pandemic: Youth for Christ reaches Hundreds of Thousands Online

Hope amidst the Pandemic: Youth for Christ reaches Hundreds of Thousands Online

Hope amidst the Pandemic: Youth for Christ reaches Hundreds of Thousands Online

Global Outreach Day is this Saturday the 30th of May 2020, everyone can reach someone, together we can reach the world. The Hope Movement has broken the glass ceiling for Christians sharing their faith. Reaching Youth online is one of the only ways to reach youth right now, and Hope Movement is reaching thousands and thousands. 

Hope Story Challenge launch video: https://youtu.be/Vkx5A2mcWSI 

Playlist of Examples: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5xef6-lMwoPBvY_3bVnG9SPaiLAN4MBA

“Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” an excerpt from Mark 16:15 ESV 

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Covid-19 has caused our way of life to be flipped on its head. People are losing their income, Churches going into lockdown, society stuck at home. Now more than ever the world needs hope, and they are glued to the internet, searching for just that. Young people are spending more than 3 hours a day on their devices. Social media use is skyrocketing. Online entertainment is in demand. Porn use is up over 20%. The world is looking for connection and meaning and hope, but they will only find this when they find Jesus. 

Introducing the #HopeStory Challenge. A challenge asking people to share their 60 second Hope Story, or Testimony of how they met Christ, on their social media channel, and then challenge 5 others to do the same. Launched on May 1st, in partnership with Global Outreach Day, and fueled by prayer from the Canberra Declaration Community, Youth for Christ could have never imagined this simple idea could get so much traction.

Thousands of Hope Story videos have now been shared in over 30 countries, reaching hundreds of thousands of people already. Our goal is to see at least 5 million Christians share their Hope Story Online. If we did this, we would reach 1 billion people with a message of Hope! Already we are hearing stories of people getting saved through this challenge. This is one challenge that can change someone’s eternity forever.

We are asking the world to take the Hope Story Challenge.

“With youth spending more than 3 hours on their phones each day, we have an opportunity to get the gospel right into their hands through social media” – Andrew Scarborough, Ministry Director, Youth for Christ Australia

“Who better to reach a young person than their own peers? And where better to reach them than where they are, online.” – Cindy McGarvie, National Director, Youth for Christ Australia

“Every believer is a witness and every believer has a Hope Story, share yours today.”- Pat Steele, Pulse 94.1.

“This is not just for young people. I’ve seen older Australian’s fired up for the Gospel after sharing their Hope Story online.” – Warwick Marsh- Canberra Declaration.

Instructions for a #HopeStory

Step 1. Shoot a 60 second video on your phone of your testimony/story of hope (My life before Jesus, How I Met Jesus, My Life with Jesus). End with an invitation to follow Jesus.

Step 2. Upload & share the video to your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok etc.) and send it to your friends. Challenge your friends to do the same. Tag #HopeStory #bestdayofmylife PLUS a hashtag of what God saved you from eg. #suicide #addiction #insecurity

Step 3. Tag & nominate 5 friends to do the same to help fuel a viral explosion of hope stories online!

Youth for Christ: https://www.yfc.org.au/hope

Hope Story Challenge:  https://www.hopestorychallenge.com 

Go2020: https://www.go2020.world/en/bestdayofmylife 

Canberra Declaration: https://www.canberradeclaration.org.au