Ukraine: From the Field

Jan 12, 2023 | VoM

The war waged by Russia against Ukraine has a strong religious component. Russia wants to establish a new order, called ‘The Russian world’ in which there is no room for Evangelical believers. Russians made their intentions clear in their communication with Evangelical pastors in the occupied territories. For Russians, Evangelical Christians in Ukraine represent a ‘Western world’ with its freedom and democracy that is a threat to Russian control and power.

The level of persecution in the territories occupied by Russians is very high. Persecution of Evangelicals includes pressure, detention, expulsion, confiscation of church property, death threats, torture, and murder.

The Voice of the Persecuted Christians, Poland (VOM Poland)

Please Pray

Please pray the Lord would grant courage, wisdom, strength and discernment to Christians in occupied territories. Ask the Lord for His divine protection to be on church leaders, who are particular targets.

Ask the Lord to bring an end to the violence and allow for rest and peace in Ukraine.

Pray that the Lord would be powerfully at work in unifying and strengthening believers and equipping them to be a strong witness for the gospel throughout Ukraine.


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