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Click for tally update – Protect your Christian Voice

Click for tally update – Protect your Christian Voice

Thanks for your support – you make Pulse 94.1 happen! As this new season for our radio station unfolds, can we encourage you to do 3 things:

Listen: we’ve progressed a lot this year, and who knows what you will hear at the exact time you need to hear it – a song, a segment, a bible verse. These moments happens more often than you might think!

Pray: ask God to use Pulse 94.1 to impact our community with the good news

Give: will you partner with us, your local Christian Radio station? What can we do together this year?

As of Friday night, the tally stands at: $40,008

Pulse 94.1 is proudly supported by:

What will the final tally be? That’s up to you!
We will update you Monday… you can still make your donation to Pulse 94.1!

Pulse 94.1 is a trading name of Living Sound Broadcasters Ltd in Australia; ABN: 53 114 887 589.

All donations are tax-deductible and are in Australian Dollars.


After 33 years, Pulse 94.1 continues to be a work in progress, and it has progressed much in this first half of this year:


  • Detailed qualitative survey conducted and implemented: you’ve told us what you want, and we have listened!
  • Significant refresh of our on air sound
  • Rebalance of our music mix
  • Improved music selection process
  • New and strengthened collaborations within our community to provide local programs and segments
  • Refreshed on air team – including the launch of Luke and Susie for breakfast


This is just the beginning! Just think about the possibilities and potential of what we can do together here.

Pulse 94.1 exists for these two purposes:

  1. For God to use as a means of impacting our community with His good news through word and song
  2. For the church and community to use as a resource, a tool, to tell their story – whether that is providing content for on air, sharing events with us so that we can promote them, or working together to make projects, events, and campaigns happen in our community

Our local church community is involved in so many good works, showing God’s love in action, and as ambassadors for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. As we continue to progress the sound of our local Christian radio voice/station, we want to continue to shine a light on all those gospel impact moments happening in our community.



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