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Can you help us with some essential upgrades?

Can you help us with some essential upgrades?

As we continue to grow and develop Pulse 94.1, we are also seeking to increase the ease of access, reliability, and to ‘future proof’ your local Christian voice.

If you have bought a new car in the last 5 to 10 years, you will notice that in some cases it is quite difficult to get your car to tune to Pulse 94.1 – this is because we are missing a very useful little box called an RDS encoder. Not only will this technology make it easier for more people to find and tune in to Pulse 94.1 (we will appear with our name in the list of available radio stations), but it will enable us to show useful information like song title and artist, as well as local information.

As well as this technical upgrade, we are hoping to upgrade and ‘future proof’ our playout systems (the computers and software that allow us to share the good news through word and song), by installing a new, stable (this is seriously overdue – when was the last time you updated your software at home?), and standardised system that is being rolled out into Christian radio stations around NSW and increasingly around Australia. This new system will increase the flexibility and reliability of the types of content we can provide.

To make all of this happen, along with associated installation cabling costs (not including significant donations of time pledged by qualified technicians and installers),

The target is $5,507

Pulse 94.1 is proudly supported by:

we still need to raise $4,747

As soon as we have the resources to pay for these essential upgrades, we will implement them!

You have made it possible for us to install the RDS encoder, and it is now on your radio! Thank you!

Your tax deductible donations will make it easier for Pulse 94.1 to more reliably share the good news through word and song, in a technical and practical way.

You can make your tax deductible donation here,  and thank you for your support! 




Aaron Wright
Station Manager
Pulse 94.1