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End of Year Appeal

End of Year Appeal

Together, let’s build for the future

For 32 years, Pulse 94.1 has been a strong Christian Voice on the South Coast sharing the Good News through a family friendly mix of music and content. As an established voice in our community, our signal is now stronger than ever, with a strong and united team of staff, volunteers, and supporters continuing the mission and ministry of Pulse 94.1.

Now, with this strong foundation, we are entering a new season of this ministry. With your continued support, Pulse 94.1 will be able to:

  • Rebuild our music mix – in consultation with you – to create the best mix of family friendly and life filled music.
  • Increase the amount of Christian content on Pulse, with local Australian voices – we have content ready to add when you enable it, and new local content in development.
  • Update and rebuild the ‘sound’ or ‘image’ of our station with fresh voices and a fresh sound for your family’s radio station.

You can make this happen with your donation here! Our target for November is $40,000

Through your tax deductible support, Pulse will be able to step up and impact more of the South Coast with the Good News of freedom in Christ.

Pulse 94.1 is proudly supported by:

Can I encourage you today to make your tax deductible donation either through our safe and secure website pulse941.com.au/donate or by calling (02) 422 88 941

If you would like to do a direct deposit or discuss your donation with me, please do not hesitate to get in touch – aaron@pulse941.com.au, or by calling me in the office on 422 88 941.

Aaron Wright
Station Manager – Pulse 94.1

P.s. I have recently taken over the role of Station Manager from outgoing CEO Josh Reid. Can I acknowledge and thank Josh for his many years of hard work and sacrifice, I have enjoyed interacting and working with Josh over the years. I take on this role with 20 years of media and communications experience, a strong association and working relationship with Christian media, and a passion for seeing the Christian voice once again feature prominently in the public sphere.



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