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Pulse Listener Testimony: Marianela

Pulse Listener Testimony: Marianela

Hi Josh and the team on the BEST radio of the South Coast,

Just wanted to let you know that I have just donated on behalf of myself and my mother, Gloria Meezs.

Also I was hoping you could share this testimony that we both have.

Back in 2002, I was looking for the meaning of life and looking for God in so many places. I used to do letterbox delivery in the Kanahooka area and used to start my journey from my mum’s house. She lent me a walk-man so I could listen to music on tapes (a lot things have changed since then hey) but soon realized that listening to tapes was eating away at the batteries way too quickly so I decided to tune in to a radio. Mind you it was hard to pick up reception but not for Pulse 94.1. I believe it was a God trying to get my attention through this beautiful radio. I started to hear messages of hope and heard a pastors say “Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart”. I would finish my journey pumped up and arrive to my mother’s house telling her about this radio as she was going through deep depression. Through the radio we both got that same year.

Thank you Pulse 94.1 because you have helped to transform our lives and the lives of our entire family and generations to come.

Pulse 94.1 is proudly supported by:

Kind regards, Marianela Merino



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