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Thanks for your support – we reached our June Appeal target (and then some) of $50,000. Thank you!!!

You make Pulse 94.1 happen! Can we encourage you to do 3 things:

Listen: we are constantly refreshing our sound, songs, and content, and who knows what you will hear at the exact time you need to hear it – a song, a segment, a bible verse. These moments happens more often than you might think!

Pray: ask God to use Pulse 94.1 to impact our community with the good news of the gospel

Give: to enable that ‘right song or segment at the right time’ to be played for the person who needs to hear it the most.  Thank you!

Pulse 94.1 is proudly supported by:

All donations over $2 to Pulse 94.1 are tax deductible

Pulse 94.1 is a trading name of Living Sound Broadcasters Ltd in Australia; ABN: 53 114 887 589.

All donations are tax-deductible and are in Australian Dollars.