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Thanks for your support – you make Pulse 94.1 happen! As this new season for our radio station unfolds, can we encourage you to do 3 things:

Listen: we’ve progressed a lot this year, and who knows what you will hear at the exact time you need to hear it – a song, a segment, a bible verse. These moments happens more often than you might think!

Pray: ask God to use Pulse 94.1 to impact our community with the good news

Give: will you partner with us, your local Christian Radio station, during this June Appeal? Last year, we all got together in June and raised $60,000. What can we do together this year?

Pulse 94.1 is a trading name of Living Sound Broadcasters Ltd in Australia; ABN: 53 114 887 589.

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All donations are tax-deductible and are in Australian Dollars.