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National Grandparent Conference at Figtree Anglican Church

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National Grandparent Conference at Figtree Anglican Church

As Ian Barnett, the Senior Minister of Figtree Anglican Church and his wife Rhonda entered the new
season of becoming grandparents, Ian was challenged about the ‘legacy’ he is leaving. This is the
God driven inspiration behind his passion and desire to hold an annual conference that would sow
into the lives of both grandparents and ministry leaders.
Research demonstrates that children thrive when their grandparents are actively involved in their
lives. Added to this is the truth that grandparents also thrive when they are actively involved in their
grandchildren’s lives. However, grandparents often feel the burden of fast-paced change and the
need to be better equipped to engage and positively influence the lives of their grandchildren.
This conference is about both encouraging and equipping them, so in 2017, the first National
Grandparent Conference was held. In the following two years, it has gone from strength to strength,
selling out in 2019 with over 400 people attending.
Each speaker is well known in their particular field, bringing personal insights from life experiences
that provides inspiration in many ways. In 2020, the keynote speaker will be Josh McDowell, an
amazing communicator who has had an incredible influence into the lives of men and women across
the world. He is the author and co-author of over 150 books, including More than a Carpenter and
New Evidence that Demands a Verdict.
2020 will see the conference move from a one-day conference held on Saturday, to a two-day
conference across Friday and Saturday. Participants will still have the opportunity to register for a
single day, but the aim is to encourage grandparents and ministry leaders to take time out for
themselves and enjoy the opportunity to meet and engage with others who may be in a similar stage
of life. The Surf Leisure Resort have come on board as a sponsor, providing a 20% discount for those
travelling to the region so they can make a weekend of the conference.
In 2019, the National Grandparent Conference has also given birth to the National Grandparent
Movement; a vision to reach 100,000 grandparents to become influencers and shapers of the next
Comments from some of those sharing about their experience of attending the 2019 National
Grandparent Conference.
The teaching and encouragement, coupled with the humour. So much to reflect on and use in our
own relationships, especially with our grandchildren.
Informative, practical and encouraging.
Excellent speakers and wonderful organisation. Thank you so much to everyone involved. It’s been
such an uplifting day.
I loved the variety, different perspectives and the opportunity the conference provided to reflect on
what it means to be a grandparent.

Article supplied with thanks to Karen Dixon
Karen is the Executive Manager at Figtree Anglican Church
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